Pirates News · OSU – Michigan Squares! Pirate 100!

OSU-Michigan Squares

Thanks to the Big 10 deciding to play football, the Cardington-Lincoln Athletic Boosters can now sell OSU-Mich Squares for the Dec. 12 big game!  OSU-Mich Squares cost $20 and there are winners at the end of each quarter.


Also, the boosters will also be selling Pirate 100 spots for the winter season. Pirate 100 spots cost $25 each. We will be using NUMBERS 1-100, so if you have a lucky number you’d better hurray to lock it in!


100 tickets are sold for $25 dollars with the
resulting $2500 going to the Cardington Athletic
Booster’s Club. Half of that amount is given back
to members in the form of ten $100 drawings and
one $250 drawing. Winning tickets are returned
to the pot so a member can win more than once.
Pirate 100 members also earn first choice for
ticket purchase in the event a Cardington team
qualifies for football playoffs or a basketball team
qualifies for Regional/State tournament play. This
was a nice reward for members in 1996 when the
boy’s basketball team went to the Regional and
State Tournaments.

If you would like to purchase a square or a Pirate 100 spot, please see an athletic booster, a head coach OR the athletic director!